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Willkommen zum Partnerprogramm

A full 50%

for each package

We are very happy to introduce you to our congress package partner programm!

In the package you will find unique and moving expert interviews in one set. We invite you to share in our success –  worth a full 50% of the proceeds.

Don’t hesitate to write to us if you need help. Thank you for your participation!

Kosha Joubert, GEN Executive Director

50% of net proceeds – i.e. minus the country-dependent VAT and the commission for the payment provider – (e.g. for a German buyer)

 €27,50 per package for you!

Gross price €55,- is made up of:

VAT 19%: €8.78;

Provision Digistore24: (€4,50);

Share Partner: €27,50

Our share: €27,50

This is how easy it is:

  1. You inform your contacts with your link about our Power of Community Summit site, for example by e-mail, by Facebook, by banner on the homepage, etc.
  2. That’s it
  3. Now if any of your contacts end up purchasing the congress package you will automatically receive a 50% commission.

That means passive income without huge effort!

The technical behind-the-scenes

  • If any of your contacts clicks the link and purchases the package afterward (within 6 months), the payment system will automatically recognize it.
  • You will then receive a commission.

After clicking the partner link, the browser will save a cookie for recognition. If the contact now purchases the congress package, the payment system will recognize the cookie saying that the person was referred by you.

  • It’s recommended to advertise the congress multiple times, because of the “last-cookie” principle, meaning the last stored cookie determines who will get the provision so for example if the person you refer does not sign up right away but returns a second time to actually register, the commission will go the the last referrer.

Sign up for the partner programme

The provider and contractor for the partner program is DigiStore24.
You don’t create any contract with the Global Ecovillage Network. The relevant terms and conditions of DigiStore24 apply.

Do you already have a customer account at Digistore24?

If yes,

  • then enter your user name (= your Digistore24-ID) in the provided field at the bottom of the page.
  • immediately your personal partner link will show up right below.

if not,

  • then click on the link “register now” between to create your Digistore24 profile. This will only take a few minutes!

When should I start sending along my partner link?

  • You can start whenever you want. In the best case, you inform your contacts the week before (the 21st-25st of January) the Summit and on the first day of the Summit, February 1st, so that most of your contacts can enjoy the interviews.
  • It makes sense as well to share your partner link during the summit to motivate your contacts to watch the free videos (especially the ones which could interest them the most).
  • Interest in purchasing the package is usually generated after watching multiple videos.
  • Even if your contacts purchase the summit package AFTER the summit duration (within 6 months), you will receive your commission.

Share your partner link on Facebook

Of course it is possible to promote your partner link on Facebook as well. However,  you should remove the preview picture, which will automatically be created once you enter your partner link. Otherwise the preview picture will direct people to the summit main page and won’t recognize that the contact is coming from you.

You can also shorten your advertising link with a URL shortener such as bit.ly or goo.gl – (shortening only takes 5 seconds).

Here’s a quick summary of how to share on Facebook:

  1. Post your (shortened) partner link with a short introduction message on Facebook
  2. Delete the preview picture
  3. Add the Facebook promotional banner (below) as an individual picture.

Promotion material

There is text & pictures for your mailing, homepage or social media posts prepared in our Communication Kit. You can access the Summit Communication Kit here.


Do you have a questions with your partner programme? Do you need help setting up your Digistore24-account? Or creating the partner link? Then just send us an email at:  [email protected].