Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Charles Eisenstein

Philosopher, Author, Internationally Renowned Speaker
Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein challenges us to look beyond climate change as the one problem, and to adopt a mindset that includes the health of the whole biosphere, our living world. We will hear about opening the heart, individual beings and the collective mind, and finding the courage to step into a new story. Charles speak of miracles and living in gift, concepts that he embodies in his daily life.

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  • Introduction
  • Beyond Climate Change
  • Opening the heart
  • Individual beings and the collective mind
  • Finding the courage to step into a new story
  • Living in gift
  • Miracles
Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a popular philosopher, author and internationally renowned speaker and program facilitator. His books include The Ascent of Humanity, Sacred Economics and most recently, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. His most recent book addresses the impacts of climate change.


Sacred Economics

The Ascent of Humanity

The Most Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible

Climate: A New Story

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  • Thank you soooooo much for this talk! I once wrote the Diary of the Earth and translated it into English and then I even spoke it. What might Gaia say, if she was asked?

    please enjoy. And pass on, if you love it 🙂


  • One of my favorite world changers, i met him during a workshop in Copenhagen, brilliant session where we experienced through him that we are all connected, really a holostic view. see 6.00 ? What is left out?, since the teeb report we are not learning the messages..

  • I love Charles’ definition of a miracle: something that seems impossible in the old story, but utterly possible in the new one. I appreciate that this summit is passionately dedicated to the emergence of this new story. Charles’ explanation of how a gift economy works, coupled with Kosha’s focus on the wisdom of the heart made for wonderful listening as the early morning dawn.

    In 2005, I wrote a series of 120 poems called Gaia’s Invitation, listening for Gaia’s voice through the lens of different flowers. When Charles spoke about a needed change in our view towards Mother Earth, shifting from a ‘taking’ model to a something more reciprocal, I remembered one of the poems.

    You have suckled at my breat
    taking everything you wanted
    but I am not your mother only.
    Release me from this ancient bond.
    Neither do I linger in old groves of worship
    for those vessels are cracking.
    Be with me in creation’s dark womb.
    Free your fear from its small cage.
    Our work begins in the darkness.

    Thank you for the wealth of ideas, inspiration and energy available through this 10-day summit.

  • Thanks Julia, it looks really good, i will take some time to listen to it.

  • Kitty

    Kosha and Charles, Julia and Andrea, you are the miracles in the new story of Gaia, heard now by a lot of conscious people with a lot of experiences also in the “old” world.

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity to be a part of it, my garden is calling me now, an island of the miracle that nature has the power to regenerate, when we focus our attention to it
    LOVE will be on our side,

  • As a P.S. to my earlier comment, another poem from Gaia’s Invitation, relevant to Charles’ talk about how many variables we miss when we solely work from a corporate viewpoint… (to be read as though Gaia is speaking in the first person…)

    While you insist on independent strength,
    I long to be included in your life,
    your work, your art.
    All would be so different
    if you invited birdsong,
    tree-sap and whale bone
    into your planning.
    Take me to your boardrooms.
    I wither as commodity.

  • I am grateful for this inspirational conversation that lead me to accept with courage the next challenge I’ve to face in my life… Believing that this new story is the miracle to transform the reality and make it become the dream I’m here to live!
    I’m in LOVE with my hidden gifts that unfold in the presence of humbleness and beauty for just being my unique self.
    I feel like hug you both 🙂
    Thank you!

  • there is no miracle at all. we make things bigger and more complex than they really are. we make so much fusin about our own confusion. just act and change only 5 things in your life, to reduce (y-)our carbon footprint, and to live more self-sufficient and sustainable :

    1. stop flying, or at least reduce it to the utter maximum!
    2. stop eating meat, or at least reduce it to the utter maximum!
    3. stop using your car, sell it or share it with others,!
    4. stop using plasticbags, buy your food with suitable containers to reduce garbage!
    5. and finally, stop wasting water and energy at your home!

    if all people in the wealthy countries/western hemisphere would do so – our planet would be in a better state than it is now! we do not have to wait for gurus, leaders or thinkers – we just can start with us! because we are responsible for the next generation!

  • Helena


    I was adopted from Colombia at a young age and after living here in the United States I have finally decided to return and I would like to reconnect with my indigenous roots. I am from the Muisca-Chibcha indigenous community and I would like to reconnect with them and assist in our culture revitalization including reclai king our land. I truly feel I am here to give/ serve in this manner. How does one go about doing something like this as it’s a huge but wonderful endeavour? Any and all guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Patricia Aguirre

    Once again Charles, you bring a broader vision and help me trust whatever I have to bring with integrity to contribute in our world. In its not about me…it’s a natural movement from within, that works through me, for the betterment…trust, courage, in beauty.

  • Dear Helena, I would love to connect you with the Latino America and Colombia GEN network, call CASA, and specially with a beautiful movement of revitalization of Muisca community and territory. If you feel like send me a message [email protected]
    Love from Colombia

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