Alternative Payment Options

Dearest friends,

We are hearing from more and more of you who are trying to purchase the summit package and not able to do so. Please accept our full and sincere apology. The purchasing is being run through another organisation, Digistore, who we are now seeking urgent action from!

In many countries (except those that have a Euro currency) PayPal seems to be the only payment option showing up and even then that doesn’t work! Digistore has so far been unable to solve the issue.

So, we need to come back, again, to the POWER of COMMUNITY in unforeseen ways. Life is so precious and unpredictable… We want YOU to have access to and share these beautiful materials. While offering this rich package, with loads of bonus materials, we also need to cover the costs of running this summit so that we can do it again next year! We have had such beautiful feedback from many of you.

We have found a solution for you to be able to purchase the Summit Package in other ways.

The Summit package costs 78,50 € (or 50€ if you cannot afford the full amount). This translates into £68/ 88$ (or £44/56$).

If you wish to purchase through a credit card:

  1. Go to GEN’s donation page here:
  2. Fill out the Donor information, including your mail address (so we can send you the package!)
  3. Insert the amount you wish to pay
  4. Use any major credit card to fill in all the required fields.
  5. Leave a message with your donation: “Purchase Summit Package”

If you wish to purchase through PayPal:

  1. Go to the Summit donation page here:
  2. Click on ‘donate’
  3. Insert the amount you wish to pay
  4. Choose ‘GEN Online Summit’ in the ‘Use your donation for’ field
  5. Add a note: “Purchase Summit Package”
  6. Click “Share your mailing address” (so we can send you the package!)

If you need a receipt or wish to purchase in a different way (e.g a direct bank transfer) please reach out to [email protected]
If any issues arise, please email [email protected]

Once again, our apology for the inconvenience – some things are really out of our control!

Thank you so much for being part of this community, listening to and sharing these valuable materials.

Thank you for bringing your support and generosity to the Power of Community Summit.

With much appreciation,
Kosha and the summit team