Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Ousmane Pame PhD

Intercultural Exchange, Ecovillage and Sustainable Rural Networking Leader
Ousmane Pame PhD

Ousmane Pame is leading us through the challenges of the changes in climate and ecology in Senegal and throughout Africa, and also the hopeful response from the local communities. He describes how he has been involved in the scaling up of local initiatives, and how ancient and modern wisdom have come together. He touches on Islam and Ecology, and on the core aspects for success in community.

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  • Introduction
  • Changes in climate and ecology in Senegal and throughout Africa
  • Hope and community responses
  • Scaling up local initiatives and top down approaches
  • Interactions between North and South, ancient and modern wisdom
  • Islam and Ecology
  • Core aspects for community initiative's success
  • A journey around leadership
  • Getting involved and inspired
Ousmane Pame PhD

Ousmane Pame PhD, President of GEN-Africa, is a professor, founding member of the Association for the Research and Promotion of Intercultural Exchanges, and key figure in local and international ecovillage development in the Sahel region of West Africa.


GEN Africa

Martin Luther King Jr.

Guede Chantier Ecovillage

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  • Silke

    Thank you very much for the very clear and wise insights and for referring to happyness as a common base for building friendship and understanding.
    You also talk about exchange and service programs. How would it be possible to participate in such a program or to initiate exchange?

  • पर्यावरणीय गाँव ऐसा गाँव जहा शिक्षा ,स्वास्थ,रक्षा,वृति ,कृषि,पशुपालन,जैविक खेती,फलोउद्यान,आदि हो ।

    यातायात के परंपरागत साधन हो ।पूरँण स्वालम्बी गाँव हो ।

    पूरा विश्व एक परिवार माना जाय ।उसके अनुरुप नियम बने ।प्रत्येक 1000की जनसंख्या पर शिक्षा ,स्वास्थ,सुरक्षा,विज्ञान,कृषि,रोजगार,पशुपालन की व्यवस्था ही इको गाँव हो सकता है ।

  • saskia kouwenberg

    salam aleikum Ousmane, thank you so much for your passionate contribution towards eco-villages and other earth supporting project in many countries in Afrika. And how wonderful your view on Islam. We – specially whites in the west – have such a narrow view of Islam and Moslims. Beautiful the inner jihad! Wish you mountains of energy and support.

  • Beatriz

    So inspiring interview!! Thank you Osmane and Robin. I would like to contact with you Osmane to talk about possible colaborations. Warm regards from Spain

  • Great Osmane I love to see you in Sierra Leone especially in Future In Our Hands with you insaring message about Eco village concept

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