Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

May East

Sustainability Leader, Educator, Designer, Musician
May East

May East inspires us on a journey to the crucial education in a climate changing world. She speaks about women in leadership, and the importance of seeking refuge in vulnerable times.

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  • Crucial education in a climate changing world
  • Working across diverse sectors
  • Women in leadership
  • The leading edge of stepping into true alliance
  • Seeking refuge in vulnerable times
May East

May East is a sustainability educator, spatial planner, and social innovator. Her work spans the fields of cultural geography, urban ecology, and women’s studies. Designated one of the 100 Global SustainAbility Leaders three years in a row, she leads a whole generation of regenerative designers and educators in 49 countries working with community-based organisations and intergovernmental agencies in the development of policy guidance and projects strengthening climate resilience, food security, and livelihood action. A UNITAR Fellow she has an MSc in Spatial Planning with specialisation in the rehabilitation of abandoned villages. As CEO of Gaia Education, her passion is to co-develop Project-Based Learning trajectories supporting indigenous and migrant communities and their traditions to survive in rapidly changing environments while enhancing their opportunities to become the designers of their desired future.


Paulo Freire

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  • Steven St-Amour

    Your story of Adam and Eve, and the hatred of women after she gave the apple to Adam has been flawed over the millenniums.

    The story: The great spirit wanted them not to simply roam around the universe our paradise endlessly without purpose so he spoke to them and gave them the ability to make CHOICES and those would have consequences. To emphasize his gift of choice he presented them with the forbidden apple, and the consequence would be the loss of paradise.
    Adam and Eve both knew the consequence of their action, Adam did not have to accept the apple, nor did Eve need to tease Adam with the apple. When the deed was done, they both fell in one and others arms, confused, dismayed, and disappointed, maybe bewildered by the swiftness of the great spirits actions. At the end of the day as loving couple they cuddled and loved one and other looking for answers for a new beginning. Their seed within us has survived giving us hope and will to preserve life in this world… this part of the universe our paradise.
    The great spirit knew the outcome of this story, think of it this way when you have everything then you look at the “don’t touch” or “don’t or you will get burned” for entertainment no matter what the consequences. The short of it the deed was done, and Chazammmm we lost paradise and was stuck on one planet.
    Since the beginning of time the children have moved from planet to planet in a quest to regain paradise. This is our 6th planet… and we look to the stars for our 7th in hopes of getting it right this time so that we can venture further and connect with all the planets of the universe… our paradise.

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