Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Tiejun Wen

Executive Dean, Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China
Tiejun Wen

Professor Tiejun Wen brings us to China, and to the importance of rural villages for the future well being of this land, in a move from Industrial to Ecological civilization. He shows us the hope for the future of China and the world, and how to face climate change in the most resilient way.

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  • Introduction
  • Living in the Chinese countryside
  • The importance of rural villages for the future wellbeing of China
  • Moving from Industrial to Ecological civilisation
  • Diversity and development in rural China
  • The distrust on agroecology and organic farming
  • Resilience facing climate change
  • Hope for the future of China and the world
Tiejun Wen

Tiejun Wen is a professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability at the Renmin University of China. He is an expert on social-economic sustainable development and rural issues, especially in policy studies, macro-economic, geo-strategy of south-south cooperatives, and long-term inclusive growth. Wen is author of the influential best-selling work on the agrarian crisis in China.


Ecological civilization

F.H.King, Farmers of Forty Centuries: Organic Farming in China, Korea, and Japan

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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  • Christophe

    Very inspiring. The progress of China on sustainability is really hidden from the Western world. It’s too bad because they could potentially lead the way for many countries.

  • Ruth Andrade

    This was one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve seen so far.
    Really amazing to hear such passion and connection to all life, as well as learn so many new things about China’s sustainable development.

  • Marvelous interview, so inspiring. Brought some really important information besides enhancing our common fate in our common beautiful Mother Earth.

  • I’m doing railway business in China since 1985 and in this time, I can see how much China improved.
    The first time driving with a car from Neijing to Qinhuangdao in 1990, we used 2 days. Today need only one and half hour.
    I’m living 10 years almost in China and was involved in many Railways in China.
    But still today, people from the rural countryside need almost half a day to travel into the nearest city.
    Therefore they run into the cities and want to live there, but they forget to treat the nature that they leave behind.
    Then cities become too big and too dirty, because the infrastructure cannot follow so rapidly.
    Now Xi Jinping builds smaller cities in between the big cities to develop the environment and to bring the people back to the countryside. That’s a very good plan.
    China is on the best way, but because there are so many people, it needs time.
    And I hope that China will stop using poisoned chemicals, just to grow vegetables faster.

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