Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Frédéric Laloux

Author, Organisational Innovator
Frédéric Laloux

Frédéric Laloux brilliantly describes the shift of paradigm from the old to the new way of seeing organisations, exemplifying with lessons from natural systems. He touches on hierarchies of power and hierarchies of growth, control and safety, and the power of listening to the inner voice with discernment.

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  • Introduction
  • Interest in ecovillages
  • The shift of paradigm from the old to the new way of seeing organisations
  • Core lessons from natural systems
  • Difficulties working with governments
  • Blessed unrest becoming coherent
  • Control and safety
  • Hierarches of power and hierarchies of growth
  • The advise process
Frédéric Laloux

Frédéric Laloux is a author, adviser, coach, and facilitator focusing on the inner workings of organisations tied to human evolution and spiritual growth.  His self-published book Reinventing Organisations has been translated into many languages and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.


Reinventing Organizations


Parker Palmer

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  • Wilma Bakker

    very inspiring, and alas not possible to share on FB due to a wrong link. Please correct for I would love to share it.

  • Kitty

    Also tweet is not working, a pity

  • Betül

    Thank you very much Frédéric. It was inspring and very clear message you passed over. ‘Being our natural selves’ -Very well explained. Thank you for being here and sharing your experience and wisdom with us.

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