Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

John D. Liu

Film-maker, Ecologist, Founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps
John D. Liu

John D. Liu transmits the inspirational power of land restoration in order to oppose the paradigm of destruction. He explores different approaches for ecosystem restoration, increasing biodiversity, biomass and necromass.

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  • Introduction and Loess Plateau restoration
  • The inspirational power of land restoration upon a destruction paradigm
  • Interconnectedness, responsibility and the impact of agriculture
  • Apporaches for ecosystem restoration
  • Increasing biomass, necromass and biodiversity
  • The challenges of human nature
John D. Liu

John D. Liu produces award-winning documentary films and is the founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a grassroots movement to regenerate degraded lands worldwide. His films and media have been selected for the prestigious International Festival of Environmental Film and Video, and awarded recognition at the International Wildlife Film Festival and the Prix Italia international Italian film and television festival during EXPO 2015 in Milan.


Commonland Website

Ecosystem Restoration Camps' Facebook Group

Ecosystem Restoration Camps Website

Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano Facebook Page

John Liu's Archive: films, papers, presentations, press reports...

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  • Mind blowing, interesting, fascinating … GREAT. It’s like a movie you can see again and again and again. Thanks a lot!

  • Andrew

    As a younger generation, how do we overcome the hopelessness of overcoming the traditional system that we still live in? I want to take a step to embrace eco communities however there is always a lingering doubt in ensuring my financial security, since a majority of society still deeply connects to the conventional social norms.

  • francisco fuenzalida

    Thanks so much Dr Liu, we follow your work very close form Chile
    Hope to have a restoration camp soon.

  • Mares

    Gracias por tan lnteresante conversación

  • Margaret Babcock

    What passion! I experienced everything from despair at the enormous complexity of what must occur to exhilaration at what is already happening around the world. While the US reverses long-held policies to draw down nuclear weapons, protect our environment (air, water, land, entire ecosystems), and more, the rest of the world demonstrates what humanity can do when we assume responsibility and Keep Going.

  • ruth slinger

    good to hear and said if i want to share in social medias, but it s not possible.pity because more people to hear more chances we could have

  • Steven Van Brussel

    I am grateful that I could watch this important message for free and agree that more people should hear this. But then you’ll have to pay for it… Anyway, I’m going to look for the nearest ecosystem restoration camp. See you there!

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