Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Richard Olivier

Leadership development consultant, Speaker, Facilitator
Richard Olivier

Richard Olivier transmits his passion for building community in organizations/companies, and explores the system of 10 Leadership Archetypes he has been developing in the last decades. He is being the change he wants to see in the world through sparking awareness in leadership in multinational corporations, and eliciting a response to climate change from this sector. He also touches on the relevance of the evolution of the warrior archetype.

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  • Building community in organizations/companies
  • 10 Leadership Archetypes
  • Evolution of the warrior archetype
  • Multinational corporations and their response to climate change
  • The change we want to see in the world
Richard Olivier

Richard Olivier, awarded Thought Leader 2013 by the Best Practice Institute, is Artistic Director and founder of Olivier Mythodrama™, developing "authentic leaders capable of managing the unprecedented challenges of 21st century leadership."


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10 Leadership Archetypes

If you want to find out more about the archetypal studies of Richard Olivier visit his page to sign up as participant. The password for the documents: mythodrama

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  • Laura

    Wow, so inspirational to hear from a centered person fully living his gifts and inviting others to come along! Just what I needed. I’m looking for the link to the detailed archetype material mentioned in the interview but don’t see it on this page or in today’s welcome info. Will there be a specific link published in an easy-to-find place and format?

  • Exceptionally lucid, insightful and indeed ‘entertaining’ presentation of good work and how it pertains to the climate issue. Well done too by Robin for keeping it focused and ‘on topic’.
    Just wish there had been more that Richard had found ‘encouraging’ in the corporate world that he serves in terms of what needs to be done and still ‘make money’…

  • Jane Rasbash

    Wonderful Richard so inspiring ! have a lot of dreamer energy need to work on my story telling ! perhaps that’s why I’m studying film-making !

  • Liliana Rossier

    Excellent, inspiring, helpful! New topic for me as an activist, I want to go deeper in. This talk should reach all organisations activ for /climate/chane. Thank you! Merci vielmals!

  • Maria Patricia Aguirre Prado

    Very inspiring and helpful to move on!!! Checking out what is it I mostly have to work on!!!
    where can we get the assesment?

  • olivier

    Gracias so passionate and a voice of the reality…sobering yet practical steps to begin making a difference!!

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