Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Joanna Macy

Author, Teacher, Buddhist scholar, Environmental Activist
Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy speaks to reconnecting, to community, to the greater human family, to fearlessness, gratitude, and relaxing into our original instructions. Caring for our planet, grief and the power of emotion, hope and despair. Connecting to the community which includes our ancestors and also the future ones... The time has come for us to come home to each other, to grow together.

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  • Introduction
  • The innate community
  • The power of emotion
  • The three stories
  • David and Goliath, hope and despair
  • Attachment to privilege
  • The gifts of uncertainty
Joanna Macy

Macy travels giving lectures, workshops, and trainings internationally. Her work, originally called "Despair and Empowerment Work" was acknowledged as being part of the deep ecology tradition after she encountered the work of Arne Naess and John Seed, but as a result of disillusion with academic disputes in the field, she now calls it "the Work that Reconnects". Widowed by the death of her husband, Francis Underhill Macy, in January 2009, she lives in Berkeley, California, near her children and grandchildren. She serves as adjunct professor to three graduate schools in the San Francisco Bay Area: the Starr King School for the Ministry, the University of Creation Spirituality, and the California Institute of Integral Studies.


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Deep Ecology

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Rainer Maria Rilke

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  • Pls I need more clarification on this program

  • Blessed Ones,

    Thank you for the these incredible sharings, I deeply appreciate them. Do you have transcripts for them or not? I am thinking that our deaf community who might lip read would certainly also benefit from the written word? And I also tend to digest information better if I have read and listened.

    Much Love

  • jane rasbash

    Thanks Joanna still so inspiring to hear you – I’m about to go to Mandalay to give a talk to 200 monks and nuns at the Buddhist University on Deep Ecology and Ecovillage so very helpful. Your guidance on finding presence in uncertainly especially helpful for me. Will meet with Moo, Pracha and Ajarn Sulak you have been such an inspiration to all of us in our world work.

  • Patricia Aguirre

    Lack words tô express my gratitude! Joanna!!! What a blessing…do without any expectation.. out of pure joy!!!out of pure Love! And it is possible!!!

  • i just came back from a workshop given by Claire carré, of the roseaux dansants , deeply inspired by the work that reconnects from Johanna Macy, so much reconnection, appriciation for nature, our feelings , instead of thinking, be beyond ego and competition and still;
    http://www.entransition.fr/2019/02/04/joie-de-retour-d…roseaux-dansants/how to go forward to our former livestyle with real community sense ? so much work to do and such a inspirational interview, thanks!!!


  • Elisabeth Valls Klein

    Thank you Joanna for beeing. thank you for your generosity, shering your wisdom and experience of life

  • Joanna Macy is simply one of the most outstanding ‘Earth Guardians’ of our time. She has long spoken of “The Great Turning” and let’s pray that we’re beginning to see some tangible evidence of it actually happening. Be that as it may, she has at least pointed us in the right direction if we’re going to ‘right our ship’.

  • Another astounding interview on this last day. Joanna Macy … deep bows of gratitude for your courage and Grace in the face of uncertainty. You have such a contagious deep honouring of our ancestors,LIFE and Gaia. Namaste.

  • Eunice Esparza

    Deep gratitude to you Joanna for being available to the world here and bringing your beauty, depth and presence in such a strong transmission. I receive this, as I often do when you speak, with gentle tears as I willingly open to what you bring us so honestly and simply. All of me listens.

  • Sara

    Just catching the end of this series…wonderful to hear Joanna’s talk – the voice of the ancestors speaking so clearly through her heartfelt impassioned words. We need this power of eldership to support our rising to the challenges of this time – standing together, vulnerable and strong, knowing and not knowing…Thank you as well Kosha for your quality of presence and leadership, and for hosting this series so beautifully

  • Martina De Rosi

    Thank you so much for this interview. I had heard so many people citing Joanna Macy as a deep inspiration. Now I know why. Beautiful and empowering. ?

  • So inspiring to see beloved Joanna again. Pity the presenter talked so much. Even though what she said was true, rather take a back seat and just hold the space for the Master.

  • So inspiring to see beloved Joanna again.

  • Theresa

    Joanna Macy you are one of the most sincere, honest and realistic people I have ever listened to. I can hear it in the relaxed way you speak, see it in your eyes, hear it in your understanding. I found you from Jem Bendall’s writing about deep adaptation. I’ve watched some of your videos about active hope. Rupert Read spoke of your support at a talk I attended recently and also a video of one I saw him give. I hope I have the strength to keep pushing for the surface to get that lung full of fresh air and find the energy to give all I have to help make the future tolerable for my family. Thank you.

  • Wow, I am really touched by your love and clarity Joanna.!
    Your spirit so crystal clear, your heart so wide open, your compassion emerging through time and space.
    I bow to your wisdom and richness of experience and hope that I can be an inspiration like you are now once I will be 90!
    Thank you Kosha and your team for this great inspiring event!

  • Jeff Scannell

    MUCH Love to Joanna. You still make the heart sing after all these years and miles!

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