Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Makuini Ruth Tai

Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Sacred Journeys host
Makuini Ruth Tai

Makuini Ruth Tai surfs through the indigenous wisdom of her land, the patterns of nature, and the transition to care-taking and being present in a smaller circle. Being able to listen again to our true selves is a teaching she transmits, and firmly walking back to the land.

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  • Introduction
  • Who you are, what brought you here
  • Indigenous wisdom, the patterns of nature and earning a living
  • Transition to caretaking and being present in a smaller circle
  • Being able to listen again to our true selves
  • Progress an the law of the land
  • Walking back to the land
  • Strengthening communities and unity of purpose
Makuini Ruth Tai

Makuini was born in Aotearoa New Zealand. She went on to teach, cultivate and help grow the fertile minds of children in schools. This led to a deep interest in human potential and the emerging quantum science.
In 1990 Makuini left her career as a teacher trainer for the state education system and became a seeker of truth.
As an Ambassador for Peace she has represented her country at peace events in Korea, USA, Moorea and Rapanui. As a Maori spirit guide she has hosted people from all over the world. Her unique presentations on whole brain learning and human potential are enriched by her explorations into Aroha - Love and The Sensuous Universe. In 2011 she returned with her husband Wayne to his homelands at Tapapa, where they are supporting to revitalise the hub of a traditional village following eco-sustainable principles.


Buckminster Fuller

Mahatma Gandhi

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  • I am very moved and inspired by Makuini’s words and presence, a true crone, speaking from the wisdom of every cell in her body. Her awareness of the larger cosmology of ‘sky god’ and ‘earth mother’ translated into language she calls ‘rich earth oratory’ is beautiful, and her antidote to our lostness to just ‘listen’ rings deep in my soul. Thank you for this most unexpected of gifts!

  • Wow!!!Once again am touched by this talk!!
    Freedom, Reproduction/Regeneration, Love. Taking care of our Garden of Eden!
    From the artificial system to the natural system!!!
    Making connections…to our ancestry from the Americas. Bellow I put one of our webpages..to connect!!

  • Thanks to Kosha who could manager all with truth to what she proposed at this project! Total success! Congratulation!

  • Wonderful!!! Right on the essencial! Thanks so much!

  • Claudia Genest

    I am very happy that the final day featured three wise women who had a deeper message. To me, it is not only essential to listen to the women of our world because their view will always be mainly ruled by the continuation of humanity. They are the part of our species who are naturally in touch with all beings. This is thankfully something that our western world today is recognising more than before.

    On another, note I believe that our sense of beingness as humans is being negatively influenced by public media in general. I am very grateful to Kosha for stating, even if it was a side comment, that she does not watch televison, because I am confident that more people other than myself, will see fit to stop using media as their main source of information. In my view it is essential that we do not internalise what we are being told. I believe we need to listen to what is around us, educate ourselves and to listen to what those we meet have to say in order to transform.

  • Puuh! Thank You very much for this lightful and wonderful interview! All is clear now.

  • Amazing interview interweaving indigenous deep wisdom and culture; expert knowledge of horrifying facts of law and history; and impressive direct experience of science, cosmology and complexity. Makuini is a treasure. Thanks for bringing her into the Summit and giving us the privilege to hear her on last day.

  • Sylvia

    Thank you very much for this interview.
    I am very touched from the chant in the beginning. Is it possible for you Kosha or Makuini to write it down here for all. Thank you!

  • Katrina

    Wow this is amazing , and your right I already did know this I just needed reminding God bless you Makuini ??

  • Wonderful! Great teaching, dear Makuini. Thank you. ?
    And thank you Kosha for offering this interview!

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