Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Mugove Nyika

Ecovillage Design Education facilitator, member of the GEN Africa Advisory Council
Mugove Nyika

Mugove Nyika shows us his love for Africa, and how easy it is to reconnect with the environment, with the community, with a healthy approach to life. Mugove shares about the Greening Schools project, and how children are growing their own food in the school grounds. Mugove also touches on climate change in southern Africa and the power of community to address it, especially working with ecovillages.

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  • Introduction
  • Africa before colonialism
  • The path towards Greening Schools
  • The spread of Greening Schools
  • Taking steps to start growing food around us
  • Food sovereignty
  • Working with Ecovillages
  • Climate change in southern Africa and the power of community addressing it
Mugove Nyika

Mugove is a community development facilitator focused on building resilience and food sovereignty in African communities. His mission is to use his life skills, land use design skills and passion for the environment to listen, encourage and share with everyone, especially children to be empowered to look after themselves and the environment for the common good. Over the last twenty years he has played a central role in the development of the integrated land-use design (ILUD) process as a tool for whole school land design and the establishment of school food forests. He is also an Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) facilitator and a member of the GEN Africa Advisory Council.


Greening Schools



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  • Dear Mugove!!! loving the simplicity and depth of your work. The connection between us as humans and each of the plants of the world… if we listen more there would be no separation, a continuum of understanding, learning and mutual support between all the elements, beings, wonders of the territories.
    Lots of love from Colombia

  • Beatriz

    Thank you to both. Seed property is also an issue here in Europe, it is not allow for the farmers to call “seeds” or to sell their own ones, there are exchanges between seeds networks but they cannot be certified…hope you win the battle there in Zambia

  • Beatriz

    Dear Mugove could you please write to us the name of the two projects you mentioned? I can’t find them on GEN website directory … thanks a lot.
    Best Regards from Spain

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