Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

William Ury

Bestselling Author, Negotiation adviser, International Mediator
William Ury

William Ury skillfully describes how to transform conflicts into fruitful experiences, by facing the anger and listening deeply in order to act effectively. Taking down our projections on the other and creating the third side of climate change, we can achieve peace and ecosystems restoration.

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  • Introduction
  • The third side
  • Transforming conflicts into fruitful
  • Facing the anger
  • Listen deeply in order to act effectively
  • Taking down our projections on the other
  • Creating the third side of climate change
  • Peace and ecosystems restoration
  • A worldwide truth and reconciliation
  • The wisdom of Nature and listening to the voices of the whole world
  • Compassion and collective responsibility
William Ury

William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, is one of the world’s leading experts on negotiation and mediation. His bestselling books have sold millions of copies in over 35 languages and he has been a direct adviser on conflict resolution to presidents and community groups worldwide.


Harvard Negotiation Project

International Negotiation Network

Book Getting to Yes

Mahatma Gandhi

The Carter Center

Hugo Chávez

Edwin Markham, Outwitted

Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • saskia k

    Inspiring!!! Thank you!!!
    it does not matter IF we have conflicts , it matters HOW we deal with them,
    about how we can move from competition towards cooperation,
    move from our amygdala to our cortex,
    from one side to ALL sides,
    to AND this AND that, not OR this OR that,
    from separation towards connection,
    move from fear
    – with compassion and insight –
    to light and love.

  • Very inspiring lecture…Lead to Gold. . Thank you so much for this opportunity to hear William Ury!

  • What a wonderful learn process Dr Ury gave to us! Thank you so much!

  • kurt liebe

    Thank you for the helpful insight and guidance. I appreciate the potential for widespread change using many of these techniques and learning in our groups and communities. My question would be: how do we bring in the extremes to our conversations when in some cases they are not willing to give up or compromise on their highly beneficial priviledges ie; ” the 1 percent” …

  • Nina Koevoets

    Wow, this was my favorite interview so far! Of course not strange, since I give training in conflict resolution :-). But the interview was really dynamic, and I didn’t know the story about the camels yet :-). I also LOVED your remark, Kosha, about how peace and environmental restoration are linked, because I’ve been really interested in that topic! In fact I started a PhD with the intention to research it, but I stopped to focus on giving training and reaching people more directly that way (rather than staying in the academic field). However, I haven’t really been able to study this as deeply as I would like, so if you have any tips, please pass them on. I’m also very inspired by Joanna Macy, who will be one of the speakers of the summit too. Thanks for bringing this all together! <3

  • Patricia Aguirre

    Thank you for this amazing inspiring guidance!! So absolutely necessary!! And ending with the two weapons…compassion and insight….

  • Nancy A. Kelly

    I loved most Dr. Ury’s concept of “going to the balcony” in the midst of a conflict – going to a place of calm within ourselves or Nature to get a new, a deeper perspective before coming back to the situation! And also his advice that we all work together, that we look actively for ways that our different perspectives + approaches can somehow move us forward to solutions!!

  • Maria

    Gratitude for your beautiful and deep communication. Remembering us the truthful connection that is with ourselves . The discovering of who am I is only possible with the other, the mirror of ours emotions. The other is the instrument to my development. I m going to practice more the balcon. Thank you ? thank you ? ?

  • Helen Davison

    Thank you so much for this incredibly inspiring talk. Such a deep wisdom from William and a way forward for us to move away from the divisions in our society at the moment. I feel we would all benefit from listening to and acting on this talk.

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