Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Visolela Namises

Women's Rights Activist, Namibian politician, Founder of Dolam Children's Home
Visolela Namises

Visolela Namises takes us on a journey to Namibia, and tells us how she has been part of greening the desert, how it is to work with governments in this region, and she inspires us with how she is creating change with the people around her!

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  • Introduction
  • Shadow of the past on communities
  • How do you see progress in Namibia?
  • Creating gardens in the desert
  • Difficulties working with governments
  • What needs Namibia for change
  • Gathering the people
Visolela Namises

Visolela Namises, nicknamed the "Rosa Luxemburg of Namibia", is a Namibian politician and human-rights activist. She is a former Member of Parliament and founding member and former secretary-general of the Namibian Congress of Democrats (CoD).


Sustainable Development Goals

Harambee Prosperity Plan

Namibia's Vision 2030

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  • olivier

    Hermanita Visolea you are an inspiration to me this planet…with love and gratitude Shelley xx

  • Visolela, Sorry to have missed you. Time zone problems. I will be purchasing the entire series after Day 10.

    Best wishes,

  • visolela Namises

    oh thanks for the response i can feel you and think of you specialy when on the farm we cannot forget Dragon Dreaming and time together…..greetings and big hug

  • I am from India.Can I connect with you?

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