Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Sabine Lichtenfels

Peace Researcher, Co-founder of Tamera Ecovillage
Sabine Lichtenfels

Sabine Lichtenfels inspires us with her broad life experience of community founding and living, in a conversation that touches activism, ecology, social structures, and the core issue of the relation between masculine and feminine.

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  • Introduction
  • The balance of Fire and Water, healing in the inner and outer realms
  • A healthy relation between the Feminine and the Masculine
  • Raising children in community
  • Sacred Activism
  • Hope in challenging times
  • What can we do?
Sabine Lichtenfels

Sabine Lichtenfels, born in 1954, studied Theology in Germany. She is author of many books, freelance theologian, peace activist and co-founder of Peace Research Center Tamera, Portugal.

Her spectrum of knowledge and activity comprises: international peace work, cooperation with the Plan of the Healing Biotopes, community knowledge, spiritual research, a new female consciousness, reconciliation between the genders, truth in love and eros. With her comprehensive knowledge and her radical commitment she is an ambassador for a global perspective for peace.

She was nominated as one of the “1000 women for Peace” for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005”.



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  • Bom Dia Querida Sabina
    Me identifiquei muito com sua mensagem e gostaria muito de poder continuar me informando sobre seus ensinamentos, palestras, vídeo e livros.
    Abraço fraterno
    Moacir Bueno Arruda

  • Eva

    Thank you Sabine and Kosha for inspiring hope and global vision for a healed humanity and a healed ?! Love from Galaxy Harmony/Australia.

  • Nancy A. Kelly (Canada)

    In Sabine’s presentation, I loved best (1) her statement about the crucial significance of needing to heal the rift between masculine + feminine and re-discover our sacredness, the sacredness of Eros and (2) in her What Can We Do remarks that we leave fear behind and move forward out of trust and hearteltness, taking time each week to imagine a healed Planet Earth!!! Thank you Sabine!

  • Annee Bury

    Extraordinary, so inspiring on every level..want to join in..she speaks to every level of what I know to be true..how can I come to a Defend the Sacred meeting?

  • Therese Geissberger

    Thank you Sabine for sharing your beautiful, powerful, positive vision!

  • Dear friends,
    in behalf of Sabine Lichtenfels: thank you for your comments and appreciation, you can stay connected with Sabine and her work via her website http://www.sabine-lichtenfels.com or you can write to: [email protected]
    In March, the newest book with her involvement will be published: DEFEND THE SACRED https://verlag-meiga.org/product/defend-the-sacred-if-life-wins-there-will-be-no-losers/
    It is also part of the summit package.
    All the best

  • Thank you Sabine. I have felt a deep connexion with your words. You are transmitting a big thruth!
    And thank you Kocha. You are magnificent as well!

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