Power of Community Summit

Feb 1-10, 2019

Linda Kabaira

Forester, Environmentalist, National Director for Zimbabwe Institute of Permaculture
Linda Kabaira

Linda Kabaira takes us on a touching journey to Zimbabwe's current situation, through her hopes and fears, and her incredible work in schools, reconnecting children with the soil and with food sustainability. With the power of community, there is a vision for an abundant future in Africa!

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  • Introduction
  • Zimbabwe's current situation
  • Hopes and fears for Zimbabwe and Africa
  • Schools, education and reconnecting with the soil
  • The drive and commitment to change
  • The lack of governmental support
  • No power of community without food sustainability
  • A vision of an abundant future in Africa
  • Working with governmental institutions
Linda Kabaira

Linda initiated the establishment of a demonstration centre for training youths in permaculture in Harare coupled with a growing campaign on holistic health and nutrition education


GEN Africa

Zimbabwe National Institute of Permaculture

Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (SCOPE) Zimbabwe

Mugove Nyika

Visolela Namises

Ghana Permaculture Institute


Global Environment Fund

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

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  • Thanks for sharing your challenges so clearly. Hoping you will persevere with your good work.

  • Martina

    Dear Linda, thank you for this beautiful interview. When listening to you, things seem so clear and obvious. At some point of the interview, when you were talking about the seeds and food souvereignity, I was reminded of Vandana Shiva from India. I could feel the same love and passion shining through there.
    I am sure you are a big inspiration for many people, not just in Zimbabwe, not just on the African continent, but world-wide. Thank you for your precious being. ?

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